The Challenge

The Fat Tire Farm and Hurricane Racing are taking mountain bike racing back to its roots.  When men and women weren’t pigeon-holed into genres and sub-genres of racing a mountain bike.  Downhilling involved a timed hillclimb.

So here’s the challenge: complete four races across all genres of modern mountain biking.  To be competitive in the overall requires speed going down and up–from flow to technical trails, you’ve got to be able to do it all.  All races carry points toward an overall title.

This race is open to all, and we’d love to see some new faces out there.  In order to make it more accessible, we’ve tried to keep the cost of entry down.  And, you don’t need an OBRA license to race.


Sandy Ridge results are up on the Sandy Ridge page!

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  1. Do you have to compete in every event to participate? This sounds like a ton of fun, but I have a busted collar bone and won’t be back on the bike by Sandy Ridge :(

    • No! You can pick and choose or do them all! If you do them all, there will be a prize for you. Points from each race count toward the overall series. See you out there!

  2. for events like sandy ridge and dog mtn, there’s two days listed. does this mean two race segments or how do we know what we’re in for? there isn’t much information.

  3. Howdy, is there reg at the shop on friday or saturday? Or just online?
    Thanks and hope me wife and I can come shred with you!

    • March 29

      12-3pm: Registration will be open in the Sandy Ridge parking lot Saturday afternoon.

      Practice will be open on Saturday afternoon.

      March 30

      8:00-10:00am: Registration open in the Sandy Ridge parking lot.

      9:30am: Rider meeting in the parking lot.

      10:30am: Race begins; Pros, then

      Stage 1: Two Turntables to Lower Hide ‘n’ Seek.

      Stage 2: Hide ‘n’ Seek in full.

  4. Hi,

    The Enduro at Sandy Ridge was really fun and well run. Thank you!

    I didn’t stick around long after the race, will results be published somewhere?


  5. That was such a fun race. Thanks to everyone who made yesterday’s race day possible. You guys are ROCK STARS! See you at Dog River.

  6. Is Dog River still a go for next weekend? I was out there the weekend before last and there were over 30 trees down.

    • We had riders up on Saturday Only one tree still down. Looks great. Snow yesterday but should clear by mid week.
      Hope to see you out.

  7. Had a blast at the first race and will be there this weekend. One question-how are the points working for the series overall?

  8. Looking forward to dog river but kind of short on specific info for times and location. Never been there before. Also is there racing on both Saturday and Sunday right.

    • On site registration from 12-3pm at the bottom of Dog River on Saturday or at the Fat Tire Farm from 10-6 Saturday. Thansk!

  9. Hi. Is mt hood a two day race? July 12 is uphill? July 13 downhill? Times? I bit unclear is all. Thank you.

  10. No times are posted for the race or practice. From San Diego and driving from coast to your race if we can get a time to see if it is worth the drive.

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